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dantian 丹田 cinnabar field; cinnabar fields
erba 二八 two eights; two times 8
heche 河車 river chariot; waterwheel
huangpo 黃婆 yellow dame
huangya 黃芽(黃牙) yellow sprout
huohou 火候 fire phases; fire times
jindan 金丹 golden elixir
jinhua 金華 golden flower; flower of metal
kanli 坎離 Kan ☵ and Li ☲
longhu 龍虎 dragon and tiger
niwan 泥丸 muddy pellet
qianhong 鉛汞 lead and mercury
qiankun 乾坤 Qian ☰ and Kun ☷
sanbao 三寶 three treasures
sanguan 三關 three barriers; three passes
sanyao 三要 three essentials
shengtai 聖胎 embryo of sainthood; saintly embryo; sacred embryo
taiyang liuzhu 太陽流珠 flowing pearl of great Yang
wutu 烏兔 crow and hare
xiao zhoutian 小周天 lesser celestial circuit; lesser celestial orbit
xin heart; mind; center
xingming 性命 nature and existence
xuanguan yiqiao 玄關一竅 one opening of the mysterious barrier
xuanpin 玄牝 mysterious-female
yi intention