Taoism: Pictures and Tables

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Laozi    Laozi

Pictures of Laozi.

Laozi    Daode jing

Pictures of the Daode jing (Book of the Way and Its Virtue).

Laozi    Three Clarities

Pictures of the Three Clarities (Sanqing), the highest Taoist gods.

Laozi    Taiyi (Great One)

The Taoist god who represents the state of Unity.

Original Breath    Original Breath

An image depicting the Original Breath issued from the Dao.

Yin-Yang and eight trigrams    Yin-Yang and Eight Trigrams

A chart showing Yin and Yang surrounded by the Eight Trigrams (bagua).

Taiji tu    Chart of the Great Ultimate (Taiji tu)

This well-known chart depicts the cosmological configurations that intervene between the Dao and the "ten thousand things."

The Red Child    The Red Child

An image of the true self, visualized in meditation.

Thirty-nine gates    Inner Gods

Visualization of the Lords of the thirty-nine gates (hu) of the human body.

The Five Lingbao Talismans    The Five Lingbao Talismans

Pictures from one of the main Lingbao scriptures.

Early Immortal    Immortals

Early representation of immortals as winged beings walking on clouds.


Chrome bullet  Five Agents (wuxing): Main associations

The five agents (or five phases, wuxing) and their main correlations.

Chrome bullet  Five Agents (wuxing): Spatial arrangement

The five agents (or five phases, wuxing) and their spatial arrangement.

Chrome bullet  Eight Trigrams (bagua): Main associations

The eight trigrams and their main associations.

Chrome bullet  Eight Trigrams (bagua): Spatial arrangement

The eight trigrams and their spatial arrangement in the precelestial and postcelestial configurations.

Chrome bullet  Ten Celestial Stems (tiangan)

The ten celestial stems and their main associations.

Chrome bullet  Twelve Earthly Branches (dizhi)

The twelve earthly branches and their main associations.