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huangya 黃芽(黃牙)

yellow sprout


True Yang (True Lead). ↔ baixue 白雪 white snow; ganlu 甘露 sweet dew.

At the beginning of Yin and Yang, Mystery holds the Yellow Sprout. 陰陽之始,玄含黃芽。Comm. Yu Yan: “Mystery holds the Yellow Sprout” means that [True] Lead is given birth within Water.(*) 「玄含黃芽」者,水中產鉛也。 (The Seal of the Unity of the Three, sec. 22)
(*) “Mystery” (xuan 玄) is an alchemical synonym of Water, the Yin principle.

The Lovely Maid of the River is numinous and supremely divine: when she finds Fire she flies away, leaving behind not a speck of dust. . . . If you want to control her, the Yellow Sprout is the root. 河上姹女,靈而最神,得火則飛,不見埃塵,. . . 將欲制之,黃芽為根。 Comm. Peng Xiao: The Yellow Sprout is True Lead. 黃芽即真鉛也。 (The Seal of the Unity of the Three, sec. 68)

The Yellow Sprout and the White Snow are not difficult to seek; to attain them, you must rely on deeply virtuous conduct. 黃芽白雪不難尋,達者須憑德行深。 Comm. Zhu Yuanyu: The True Yang within Kan ☵ is called Yellow Sprout. 坎中真陽是名黃芽。 (Awakening to Reality, "Regulated Verses", poem 11)

When we say Golden Flower (jinhua) and Yellow Sprout, they both refer to True Lead. 曰金華,曰黃芽,皆指真鉛而言。 (Principles of the Conjoined Cultivation of Nature and Existence)