Awakening to Reality (Wuzhen pian)


The Wuzhen pian (Awakening to Reality) is one of the most important and best-known Taoist alchemical texts. Written in the 11th century, it describes in a poetical form, and in a typically cryptic and allusive language, several facets of Neidan (Internal Alchemy).

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Wuzhen pian

Awakening to Reality: A Taoist Classic of Internal Alchemy, translated by Fabrizio Pregadio. Golden Elixir Press.

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Chrome bullet   Poem 3

"If you study immortality, you should study celestial immortality: only the Golden Elixir is the highest principle. When the two things meet, emotions and nature join one another; where the five agents are whole, Dragon and Tiger coil. . . "

Chrome bullet   Poem 7

"You should know that the source of the stream, the place where the Medicine is born, is just at the southwest -- that is its native village. When Lead meets the birth of gui, quickly you should collect it: if Metal goes past the full moon, it is not fit to be savored. . . "

Chrome bullet   Commentaries by Liu Yiming

Commentary to Poem 3
Commentary to Poem 7

Chrome bullet   Other Selections

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Chrome bullet An Introduction to Awakening to Reality

A five-part essay on the Awakening to Reality, its dotrinal sources, and its teachings on the Internal Elixir.