Letters from a Sufi Teacher

Shaikh Sharfuddin Maneri


Letters from a Sufi Teacher


110 pp.
Golden Elixir Press, 2010
ISBN 978-0-9843082-4-8 (pbk)

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Shaikh Sharfuddin Maneri (14th century) is also known as Makhdum-ul-Mulk, or Master of the Kingdom. Born near Patna in Behar, India, he was initiated by Najibuddin Firdausi, and was equally proficient in secular learning and esoteric knowledge. This book consists of the translation of extracts from the Maktubat-i-Sadi ("The Hundred Letters," or rather essays on definite subjects), the most elaborate and comprehensive of his works.

Originally published as "Letters from a Sufi Teacher," Benares and London: Theosophical Publishing Society, n.d.

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Publisher's Note, ix
Foreword, xi
On Monotheism, 3
Turning to God, or Conversion, 6
On Seeking the Teacher, 8
On the Qualifications of a Teacher, 10
On Discipleship, 12
On Discipleship (continued), 13
The Friend of God, 15
The Brotherhood of Friends, 16
Polytheism, and the Friendship of God, 18
Lights, 19
The Unveiling of the Supersensuous, 20
On the Same, 22
Illumination, 22
Dreams, 24
On Misconceptions, 24
The Outer and the Inner Ailments, 26
The Origin of Sufism, 27
Seeking the Path, 28
The Pillars of the Path, 30
Religion, the Path, and Truth, 30
Accessory to Prayers, 31
Purification, 32
The Motive, 33
Prayer, 34
Invoking the Divine Help, 36
The Divine Allegiance, 36
The Sacred Formula, 36
The Naked Faith, 37
The Inner Polytheism, 38
The Divine Knowledge, 39
Love and Devotion, 41
Seeking God, 44
The Way to God, 45
Speech and Conduct, 46
Magnanimity, 48
Knowledge, 49
The Steps of a Disciple, 50
Islam, 53
The Noble Qualities, 54
Contemplation, 56
Renunciation, 57
On the Same, 59
The Clearing of the Path, 60
Self-Control, 61
Truth, 62
The Descent from Adam, 64
Confidence, 67
Pursuit and Renunciation, 68
The Company of the Saints, 69
Service, 71
The Transmutation of Evil Qualities, 73
Avarice, 74
The Evil of the World, 75
Renunciation of the World, 77
The Final Doom, 78
The Soul, 79
The Heart, 80
The Desire-Nature (Nafs), 81
Desire, 83
Discipline of the Desire-Nature, 84
Discipline of the Desire-Nature (continued), 85
Alienation from the Desire-Nature, 85
Self-Toleration, 85
Hidden Differences of Stages, 87
Heedlessness, 88
Sorrow, 89
Conduct, 90
Seclusion, 91
Death, 92
Hell, 93
Heaven, 94