The Golden Elixir Taoism Pictures and Tables

Taoism: Pictures and Tables


Yin-Yang and eight trigrams Yin-Yang and Eight Trigrams

A diagram showing Yin and Yang surrounded by the Eight Trigrams (bagua).

Taiji tu Chart of the Great Ultimate (Taiji tu)

This well-known chart depicts the cosmological configurations that intervene between the Dao and the "ten thousand things."

Original Breath Original Breath

An image depicting the Original Breath issued from the Dao.

Early Immortal Immortals

Early representation of immortals as winged beings walking on clouds.

Thirty-nine gates Inner Gods

Visualization of the Lords of the thirty-nine gates (hu) of the human body.

Talisman of the center Talisman of the Center

Talisman of the Emperor of the Center, from one of the main Lingbao scriptures.

Five Agents (wuxing)

The five agents (or five phases, wuxing) and their main correlations.

Eight Trigrams (bagua)

The eight trigrams and their main associations: elements in nature, family relations, and directions in the cosmological configurations "prior to Heaven" and "posterior to Heaven" (xiantian and houtian).