Water and Fire


Water is True Water,
Fire is True Fire.
Water and Fire conjoin:
you will never grow old.


Water and Fire are divided between above and below. How can they be conjoined? You must avail yourself of the True Soil of wu and ji(1) in order to seize and control the True Fire and the True Water, and to apply pressure on them. Thus you can cause them to ascend and descend, and to return together to the Earthenware Crucible.

After Water and Fire have been balanced, they coalesce and form the Golden Elixir, which is the Pure Yang of the One Breath and is as longevous as Heaven.

Source: Verses quoted from the Ruyao jing (Mirror for Compounding the Medicine) — Commentary by Wang Jie (14th century)



(1) Two emblems of the Center.


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