The Way of Heaven Renders No Favors


This alone is the wondrous Art,
veritable, genuine, free of untruthful words.

Millions of generations have passed it down,
yet still it gleams asking to be investigated,

brilliant as the stars of the Milky Way,
luminous as a river that runs home to the sea.

Ponder it intensely,
look at it all around, and above and below:

at one thousand changes, it is still vivid and splendid,
at ten thousand transformations, you can still behold it.

On occasion the Numinous Light reveals itself to a man,
and his Heart suddenly awakens:

investigate its beginnings, search its inception;
without fail you will find its gate.

The Way of Heaven renders no favors:
it is always transmitted to those who are worthy.

Source: Cantong qi (Seal of the Unity of the Three), poem 81.


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